Every Sunday @ 8:30pm
Young Israel of Briarwood
84-75 Daniels St, Briarwood NY 11435 (entrance from Pershing Crescent)

Every day Sunday- Friday  10-11am, in Or Natan
Halacha series in English.  (Summer months)

Special Halacha lecture Series for LADIES only 
from MarCheshvan till Peshach​, motzaey Shabbat at 9 PM in English
​by Rabbi Daniel Cohen in synagogue @ 9907 66th Avenue & (corner 99th STREET)

please forward and bring a friend.

Shiurim by R. Daniel Cohen at Beth Midrash SHAAR HAEMET
Sun. & Tue. 10pm
Mon., Wed. Thur. 9pm

Friday Mincha at candle lighting time followed by Kabbalat Shabbat. (from Elul till Peshach)

From Peshach till Elul Friday Mincha is at 7pm.

Shachrit of Shabbat 7:45am. (1 hour lesson before reading Torah)

Mincha of Shabbat 1 hour before sunset, followed by Seuda Shelishit.

Arvit motzaey Shabbat 1 hour after sunset.